Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wine Erotica

In the dating world I have been asked many questions about myself and put myself in a situation to answer them honestly. That experience has led me to look deep into my soul and ask myself some important questions. The first of which is why am I so passionate about food and wine? Here's your answer.

Wine Erotica

Opening a new bottle of wine is like going on a first date, you look at the label and read all about it but you never truly know what is on the inside until you taste it. This is my version of what I call WineErotica.

The First Date: You select that special bottle from a vast array of others. You don't know what you are going to get on the inside as you have only the pretty outside to look at. You read the label and you see the winemakers description on the flavors, vintage, soil and region. You make your choice from the assortment and you begin your date with hopes of having a good time and that the chemistry is right. Now that you have the bottle home you feel the smooth texture of the glass vessel that holds the precious juices that so many labored to make. You realize that someones heart and soul went into this bottle and you are ready to take the next step and look inside. You open the cork and pour a bit in a glass. The first thing you do is hold the glass up to the candlelight to see the rich colors and flecks that vibrate within, much like looking into someones eyes for the first time and trying to see into their soul. You then take a smell of the fruit and all your senses go wild wondering "what is that". You try and dissect the aroma to see what this wine is made of much like you do a person you are meeting face to face for the first time. The uncertainty is there but you want it to go further so you can see what makes this complex creation worth your while. You take a sip........you hold that sip in your mouth much like that first passionate kiss. You now can get distinct flavors of blackberry, cherry, moss and lavender. You are learning more and more on this first date and deciding if there should be a second.........and you pour more into the glass. The finish or as I prefer to say climax of the first date is the taste that is left in your mouth after you swallow. is it fruity, floral, metallic or sweet. By the time you have finished your second glass the decision has been made and the chemistry is either there or not. If it is you move on to purchasing another bottle, if not you have not lost anything but have learned this one is not for you. That is what I call The WineErotica First Date.

The Blind Tasting: By now you and your intimate partner from the first date have learned you have many things in common. I like to initiate my partner in something call the Blind Tasting. Now mind you this is very arousing and can lead to other things but lets concentrate on the wine for now. First I believe in the practice of sensory deprivation when doing this exercise. I use a blindfold to help enhance the learning process. I place the blindfold over my partners eyes and straddle him ever so lightly. I open the bottle and hold the cork under his nose so he can gain some perspective of the exercise. I ask him to smell and tell me what he thinks. The sense of smell is a huge part of any relationship with wine, just as in humans, Pheromones are released that will enhance the experience and create arousal. I then pour some into a glass and bring it to his mouth to drink. I ask him to hold it in his mouth while the flavors open up. Now swallow and tell me what you taste. This is called mouth feel. Now it is time for a passionate kiss to further the senses of arousal. I then pour another glass and tell him how to reach a climax. Hold that taste in your mouth and tell me how it feels, tell me how it moves you, tell me how your taste buds view it. Tell me how you want more of the juices from the bottle and how it is something you want to do again. I then pour him another glass. Now by this time your partner has a good view of what is inside that bottle and what is inside of you. It's up to you however as what to do next......................... blindfold optional

Alright fans that is this weeks entry! No recipes today as I have not been very creative in the kitchen lately. I am trying to gain the inspiration to create my dishes and have been in a culinary block. But I am back and I will continue my passion of food and wine and maybe some other things as well.

I have to thank the person that has asked me a lot of questions lately as i do not think I could have started questioning myself without your persistence to give you an answer. It's not always what is on the label but is what is in the bottle, the heart and soul of a person, just like a bottle of wine.

tasty tastings everyone!